What others say about peace? Why is it only an ideal and not a posiblity?

World peace is an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and/or people. World peace is an idea of planetary non-violence by which nations willingly cooperate, either voluntarily or by virtue of a system of governance that prevents warfare.

We met so many organizations that don’t have peace inside and aim for peace outside.

This is a challenge for all of us tho aim daily peace and practice it not only preach for it.

Everyone can bring peace on the earth if has an active thinking about it’self and it’s vocabulary and all the feedback that he sends.

In one of our meeting we had the leader of an organizations that had a full dictionary of non aggression words that we could use to replace our bad language behavior.

If there is someone actively looking and counting your bad words you can’t even imagine how often we use the aggressive and offensive words in our daily language.

Maybe some legislative initiatives would encourage a larger percentage of the population to be aware of such little things that could bring us in a totally different paradigm.

What are your ideas for peace?

What others say about peace? Why is it only an ideal and not a posiblity?

World Rotaract Week countdown

It’s funny but engaging and energetic to call your tribe to get online and register in this modern world full of technology.

Rotaractors, you are among over 200,000 leaders who are changing the world. But fewer than 73,000 Rotaractors are actually being counted. For far too long we have not seen the full strength of Rotary’s global movement of young leaders, and now is the time to show the world the power of ‪#‎Rotaract‬. It’s time for every Rotaractor to STAND UP & BE COUNTED. http://on.rotary.org/RAC_BeCounted

If you’re rotaractor, it’s your time to register on rotary.org and get the badge and join the world leadership new generation.

We would like to see all networks as prepared and organized to build peace in the local and global community as this youth and their projects

World Rotaract Week countdown

Model United Nations conferences

Welcome on the modelun blog on wordpress.com

We will try to talk about the world of modeling and simulating united nations committees and the benefits and challenges are they bringing to the educational process.

Join us in this journey of global education and youth strategy

By simulating the United Nations, we encourage knowledge of international affairs, research, understanding of parliamentary procedures, analytical reasoning, problem solving, professionalism in negotiation, oral and written presentation of ideas, etc. By working together as a team, drawing from the past and present, we are preparing youth for the future and we empower them to be a part of decision making at all levels.

Model United Nations conferences